Are you ready to save money? Are you ready to reduce install time? Are you ready to take your buildings into the future? Are you ready to work with a company that is different, that is imaginative, that is responsible? EasyIO are ready, are you ready to join us?

Sustainable. Accessible.

How to deliver smart buildings and the ability to create enviroments that are flexible and adaptable, as well as supporting wellbeing and sustainability demands.

EasyIO residential
Save energy. More Comfort.

Intuative interfaces for building occupants and engineers alike, supporting not only the best levels of comfort and wellbeing but doing that in an energy efficient way.

EasyIO retail
Efficiency. Accountablity.

Solutions that not only fully support the consumer experience, but also the challenges that the retail industry faces around sustainability and energy efficiency.


Who are EasyIO?

We are amazing. But don’t just take our word for it, take the word of the businesses we have helped to save money and create smarter buildings that enable and support future building management strategies to be delivered with our drive to change the way building systems work. True innovators, our technology is only matched by our attitude, our hands on approach and our commitment that good enough, isn’t anywhere good enough for your business. Told you we are amazing.



We don’t want customers, we want partners.Building long term relationships that are mutually beneficial, for organisations that want to stand out and be different and deliver against customer expectations. As an EasyIO Partner you’ll get access to the latest market intelligence, product information sheets, software updates, white papers, training videos and documentation and much more. Discover the benefits and become a partner today.


What does EasyIO stand for?

Our goal is to lead the way in transforming the building management & HVAC sector through groundbreaking solutions that disrupt a stagnant industry through technical excellence, innovative and intuitive solution development capabilities and collaborating with the market side by side.

We deliver on our responsibility to respond to our customers quickly, honestly and with the right answers.


“Our employees epitomise what it means to be a part of the EasyIO community, pushing the boundaries on how our technology can be used and implemented, and delivering exceptional quality from design through to support”

Johan Schakenraad
Global Director Business Development EasyIO


How can EasyIO impact your business?

Better together. Creating financial security for buildings present and future, by managing the growing cost of maintaining and supporting the estate.

Ensuring that buildings become energy efficient like never before and create environments that are supportive of the highest levels of productivity in the occupants and deliver spaces that engender comfort and the ability to flourish. Along with our community, to challenge the norm and deliver the solutions our customers and their estates demand. This is our responsibility.

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EasyIO believes that every building can be adapted easily and cost effectively to deliver the occupants assured outcomes.  Whether on wellbeing performance, energy use effectiveness, accessibility and of course in terms of flexibility.

Buildings need to be able to adapt with time, in thier design, with change of use or style of occupation. Our products are designed to be as adapable as your buildings and their current and future requirements. Discover the flexibility of EasyIO products and you’ll never look back, you’ll only look forward.