Used processors not vulnerable 

Published on 31-01-2018

We are pleased to inform you that the processors used in our EasyIO controllers are not susceptible to either the 'Meltdown' or the 'Spectre' vulnerabilities. ARM Holdings, the designer of ARM processor chips, has identified that. Their processors are built in our FS, FG, FW, FC, 30P and FT range of products.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of IoT and control system devices, EasyIO embraces technologies that provide “at the edge” processing and advanced building communications.

Recently, two critical hardware vulnerabilities, “Meltdown” & “Spectre”, that affect the processors of many computers and devices, were identified. These hardware vulnerabilities allow software programs to 'steal' data which is currently processed on the computer from other programs, including passwords and browser data. More details of these vulnerabilities are available at and 

EasyIO uses a range of processors in its products from various manufacturers, all of which are based on designs by ARM Holdings. These include the Cortex-A7, Cortex-M0, ARM9 & Cortex-M3 models. These processors are not on the list of vulnerable processors. The range of ARM processors that are potentially vulnerable are listed on the ARM website.

Used processors not vulnerable


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