They say nothing lasts forever, and it’s true. But making sure your buildings can adapt to changes in IoT and all future technologies, just makes sense to us. Does that make sense to you?

Technology. Independent.

BEMs is just the beginning

EasyIO is generating a unique relationship with the industry due to our ability to provide solutions for all built environment projects; whether building from new, looking at developing advanced refurbishment or replacement strategies on legacy systems.

Plus of course the key area of smart building integration, IoT and Big Data demands. As a 100% IP/Ethernet based controller provider we are ideally placed to forge the integration of the future today and this is being recognised by some global clients and major systems integrators across Europe.

Connected. Intelligent.

Building Management Systems

EasyIO, with our controls range and our software solutions, allow you to design the right solution at the right cost for all environments and the ability integrate both existing and new BMS head ends and platforms.

Dependent on the design approach you want to take whether you are working in the IoT environment and want to port data to cloud based platforms or are taking a traditional BMS head end approach EasyIO lead the way in getting you where you want to be.

Smart. Buildings.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is restructuring every aspect of a building, from construction to habitation to management. Use IoT data to make informed decisions to optimize the experience of occupants, staff and management. With asset optimization, better facilities management and occupant safety, smarter buildings can streamline business processes and expand profits.

As customers face the challenge in bridging the gap on their existing estates to deliver modern occupancy standards having the right embedded level of technology to support change and flexibility of occupation style over time is where IoT can shine.

Software. Workspace.

CPT Tools

CPT Tools is a software programming tool that provides third party configuration and management tools for products that run in an open-source environment (Sedona), such as the FS, FW, FD and FC series. Our EasyIO F-series are boosted with the latest technology onboard, like HTML5, PHP, SQL, embedded gateways and protocols. CPT Tools has the ability to configure and manage the webserver on the EasyIO F-series.

CPT Tools
Environmental. Framework.

Tridium Niagara

Niagara N4 is an open, Java-based framework that can connect almost any embedded device or system—regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. It includes a comprehensive graphical toolset that lets you build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment and easily manage your assets using a standard web browser.

The Niagara N4 framework is packed with features and functions that are easy to build on rather than starting from scratch. Multiple embedded platforms allow for integrated control, supervision, data logging, scheduling and alarming

Visualise. Strategise.


The EasyIO open protocol allows for a myriad of Dashboard possibilities. Not being tied to any one platform of display type allows users to fully customise the visual data with intuative and bespoke interfaces.

The solution set is based on open source technology, html5 webservers, multi protocol support, and embedded WiFi solutions in the product range enables flexible design with reduced implementation costs to deliver the highest technology per cost available in the market today.


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EasyIO believes that every building can be adapted easily and cost effectively to deliver the occupants assured outcomes.  Whether on wellbeing performance, energy use effectiveness, accessibility and of course in terms of flexibility.

Buildings need to be able to adapt with time, in thier design, with change of use or style of occupation. Our products are designed to be as adapable as your buildings and their current and future requirements. Discover the flexibility of EasyIO products and you’ll never look back, you’ll only look forward.